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The physical features of the district have proved that Saharanpur region was fit for human habitation. The archaeological survey has proved that the evidence of different cultures is available in this area. The excavations were carried out in different parts of the district, i.e Ambakheri, Bargaon, Hulas, Bhadarabad and Naseerpur etc. A number of things have been found during these excavations, on the basis of which, it is established that in Saharanpur district, the earliest habitants were found as early as 2000 B.C.

Akbar was the first Mughal ruler who established civil administration in Saharanpur and made it `Saharanpur-Sarkar` under Delhi province and appointed a Governor. The Jagir of saharanpur was honoured to Raja Sah Ranveer Singh who founded the city of Saharanpur. At that time Saharanpur was a small village and served as army cantt area. The nearest settlements at that time were Shekhpura and Malhipur. Most of the part of Saharanpur was covered by forests and `Paondhoi` `Dhamola` and `Ganda Nala` (Kregi Nala) were Swampy/Marshy.

The Government Alopathic medical college, Saharanpur shall have a super facility hospital with 500 bed strength with in 5KM with road access on Saharanpur Ambala National Highway.

Distt. Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar in UP and near by Yamuna Nagar , Kurusheshtra, Karnal and panipat in Haryana and Roorkee, Haridwar in Uttrakhand .

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